KAPPA Water Proof Bike Cover


SKU : KS201

หมวดหมู่ : KAPPA Product Acessory ผ้าคลุมรถ

Motorcycle cover

A functional cover that protects bikes and scooters from the elements. Made of polyester, this time with a thickness 210D, it is 100% waterproof thanks to the heat-healed seams. Equipped with belts on the base for the fixing to the motorcycle and passing ring for the chain lock, the KS201 can be chosen in two sizes:
L for scooter, naked, and sporting “standard” (width: 205 cm - height: 125 cm - depth: 90 cm)
XL for maxiscooter and means with windscreen and top box fitted. (width: 234 cm - height: 125 cm - depth: 90 cm)
Available in black, with silver print + the touch of color of the stitching in orange.

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